Information & Tips

After that will be received warmly at the Chabad drink something and put your bags will get a map of the city, very invested and necessary, with markings of banks, laundries, Tz'iing'im, location of markets and recommended hostels and all kinds of things to know.
You will find a place to rest your head, go back to the Chabad interesting evening.
Chabad House will turn you cheap agency, offering tracks * assembled by the lessons of Motz'ilrim Israelis. And, of course, and how not cheap prices.

A little about...
This is the Central Highlands province of Chiapas State. Queues out from across the country - there are famous cities, Palenque [Palenque], Tuxtla [Tuxtla] and Cristobal [San Cristobal]. (Chiapas This is the most isolated country in Mexico, an absolute majority of 90% - of its citizens and Mexican Aiindaim it is not their native language! Quantities of politics).
S. Cristobal is a picturesque town, Klionlit, fun atmosphere, some interesting markets.
Cristobal itself out very interesting tours of the villages of Haiindianim one intercalated, and the second is an hour horse trek back an hour back, also has a mountain 'Arkotth Mount interest with abseiling The next short rods and bicycle trails. There is also a course of climbing a mountain, Nuevo Ranch, a small observation Cristobal and drop three ziplines tour is highly recommended.
Obligation to pay the city day and night!
How long to be here? pay attention!
The most recommended time to experience and realize, for anyone who logs in style of natural landscapes and extreme wet-season * minimum * a week! Not including the days of arrival! The ultimate time is ten days. And the dry season, * minimum * of ten days. maximum? Volunteer at Chabad a few months.
from the beaches in Mexico:
The recommended way is to reach Chiapas - Seats only! For a simple reason for very cheap (from $ 50 to $ 70), and they bring you to the center of Chiapas, a distance of 40 minutes Cristobal, simple and easy.
Please note that travelers report that the drive of the beaches can be unbearable, and can lengthen the time of about 22 hours (!!). No matter how Noah bus, it's not fun to do this, assuming Sicltm make this flight an hour and a half.
Antigone: direct shuttle 14 hours.
San Pedro: It is recommended to take a boat Lfnhtz'l and then shuttle Cristobal about 10 hours.

Recommended tracks
One of the most exciting places in Chiapas in this area "rock" Tuxtla Gutierrez: This area is actually a huge area of ​​forest on limestone and stone floor, an earthquake thousands of years ago created dozens Knioniim and craters.
1. Cañón del Sumidero - This is the symbol of the State of Chiapas. Amtnim cliffs thousands of feet high may contain; Crocodiles, monkeys, eagles, pelicans and more.
Cruises [Mtoiir very] between cliffs, very unique views, even those coming from the south.
Then continue to the mall Tz'irdor and Cascada el Aguacero-
Canyon smaller, while the 770 steps down (or so), short track water and reach the canyon wall laden waterfalls.
No matter how you saw waterfalls, this place really special. nothing to say..
2. rappelling parrots - Sima de las Cotorras - a crater at a depth of 170 meters.
This is a crater of water seep under the surface to the ground Hsilait crater collapsed and created special, it grows forest, the forest has thousands of parrots and interesting and strange animals, they found a haven carnivores.
Arrive at dawn to see the parrots arise, and because when the weather is nice and the best of these hours do rappelling important to note down the rappelling, and cost the same, so that's how it is extreme in every way! ..
3. slammed Caves - El Chorreadero - not active during the rainy season!
This is a trek of the 7-to 10 hours, in the form of a mountain hollow, Trek is the extreme entirely, begins as a dark comes from a cascade, since the beginning of a journey that includes high jump into pools, Mtgltz'im the smooth stones, rappelling waterfalls, characters and everything with flashlight the head in Ruth stalactites and a beautiful water color, recommended recommended for all fans of extreme sports!
Another interesting area is rain forest in Chiapas 'Komitn' -Comitán de Domínguez-
1-day trip - Cascadas El Chiflón - reserved nature of magical waterfalls excessive blue colors! Seria of lagoons and waterfalls cascade waterfall central among them is 120 meters (wow!) Rainy atmosphere.
Canopy has nice, the biggest, is next to the waterfall of 120 meters is Flight of falling built in a V you pretty sure you fall it until you keep it short and nice =)
Then continue Sonata 'Hihlom'- Chucumaltik- lower rainforest on a stone floor, go into the house of an Indian grandmother, continue through the forest, park, do a short route, arriving there viewpoint emerges' diamond' in the pastoral landscape of mountains and palm trees, sonata clear down stressful level, incredible, when the sun shining on it is simply a shiny !!
2. Las Novas two-day trip - Las Novas cluster of lagoons and waterfalls in the rain forest seals [Full Firefly Night rainy season]. During the dry season the water colors of blue, magical region.
From there continue Lakes Montbio - Lagunas de Montebello- 113 lakes, visitors only in three's enough, stunning views, the lake is like a huge beach, the second lake, stopping to observe it. The third lake - rafting and arrive in Treasure shouting '-tzoakim echo several angles and can jump into the water there.
There are going to sleep Zimmer.
In the morning when waking continue Sonata diamond and discrimination against Htziflon mentioned above
Jungle area Palenque - Palenque
The route passes through Iaidim they obviously 'high light' of Tz'iafs-
1. Toninh- Toniná- highest pyramid in Central America, a combination of mountain scenery and fields and very high pyramid of Mayan pyramids fifty percent still in the ground.
A man named Don Francisco deals farms, revealed what actually consider this mountain the pyramid.
2. Robert Barios- Cascadas Roberto Barrios- world of waterfalls and lagoons endless jungle is certainly one of the places, there are used the slide waterfalls, trees bent as stepping-stones.
3.ooilb Hh- Wilib ha-linked Roberto, a beauty spot in the wild, nice preserved, with clear water and fish that can climb waterfalls.
4. Do Fantz'an- area sleepin which is reserved nature of Caso and hostels, do not be alarmed voices of this Lions monkeys. =)
5. The famous ancient area of ​​Hflnkh- entire city of Mayan abandoned 750 years ago, for some reason, instead: stars lookout tower, a maternity ward, temples, altars person, houses, water carriers fields, and more ..
My tip: go into the trails that lead into the jungle itself, instead of having to enter the signage is not the most interesting name is.
6. Missoula Hh- the Misol Ha target on the way to the next. Waterfall possible to switch between the cliff and reach a nice bat cave, a waterfall and small pond.
7. Agua Azul -AGUA AZUL- another bunch of azure blue waters - the largest in Central and South America. without words. Just transcendental!
Long trips, out independently, Chabad House helps organize everything from his trip in Haorginali, look it up.
So far Kristol Chiapas. "Cusco of Central America" ​​Enjoy.

* This is a completely independent trips, renting a car and driver. Agency organizes transportation to destinations in terms of additional associations (food, sleep two days of the event, and all the rest), it's you. Not to worry, the Chabad House will help you understand everything. Walk independently has the power of a great experience.