Activities & Events


• Chabad runs during the week and precious kosher restaurant at a high level, with a varied menu and vegetarian dishes Open from 9:00 10:00 at night.
• Coffee and tea - free all day, there are also cookies.
• Games - children and for those who missed Taki or backgammon.
• Cuddy - snacks and products from the country. [Yes, Bamba and nougat].
• Writing Corner Lubavitcher Rebbe - through sacred bonds.
• Seating music - guitar, tabla, and a variety of tools to make the right atmosphere.
• synagogue - where worshipers each week, and Shabbat minyan, Shabbat, and Lmohrt Torah reading.
• Library Chabad - No time of day when you will wish to learn something and to regenerate internal forces, nor will you answer it. Our Hasidic library rich in books that give life, thinker them.


During the week:

Sunday - 19:30 "popcorn, beer and Divine Providence."
Mouth full of popcorn when we used to sit and stare at the screen in front of the film, but have you thought of looking at life as a movie? May he have, and we have a role?
Every Sunday, invited us to the Chabad house, sit down and share experiences from the trip, and life in general, is the Creator hides the details, and we find it in our lives.

PS Popcorn flavors that will not leave you indifferent.

Wednesday - 19:30 "on fire" [monthly Vegetarian Arabia Sabih].
When good food [kosher of course =)] and the atmosphere is good there is no reason not to come home, as only one capable Chabad house and give.
On fire, including beers, plenty of salads, bake, and meats.

To forget to leave room for Moshiach's meal, it may come as a surprise.
Too welcome a Wednesday.

Thursday - 19:30 Parliament! ' - Tasting Saturday.
This section, like to taste something from the pot of Sabbath meal that you've been hungry.
It's just part of Thursday, just before the Sabbath, and we do not hold back to give you a taste of the Sabbath, Sabbath cakes, as well as a provision.
Every Thursday we'll sit around a table prepared desserts, fruit, cakes and snacks Saturday Israelis. And talk about the Torah internal aspect, the aspect of the soul.

Shabbat dinners - after sunset, when the sky slowly starting to turn orange / purple. Everybody feels the return air. Wait, I do not know what day you're reading this ..
It does not matter if this is Friday or Thursday, or every day of the week, the Sabbath, do at Chabad tradition. With progression in quality food, home feeling, spiritual atmosphere.
Run to catch up on what time Shabbat and Shabbat dinner.

Friday - Shabbat, joy Hasidic Chabad Shabbat dinner at home, something special, and precious food is abundant, the family atmosphere, togetherness, and spiritual feeling surrounding.
Then, Sabbath, go sit in a circle, with desserts, tea cakes and cookies. - The numbers and conclude the trip.

Saturday - Lunch at 10:00 morning service. 11:00 Torah reading. 13:00 Sat Jachnun meal, tomato puree, eggs, salads, hot water.

During the year:

Also other Chabad House holiday atmosphere unique to her most of the time preparing for registration 30 days before the holiday, and depending on the amount halls and appoint Please update;
• Passover night -
• New Year -
• Weeks -
• Yom Kippur -
• Sukkot -
• Lag B'Omer -
• Purim -