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Cm. Cristobal de las Casas, in short, Jess. Cristobal, is a city located at an altitude of 2,100 meters and is located in the mountains of southern Mexico state of Chiapas, bordering Guatemala. Thousands of Israeli tourists and Jews visit to this resort town every year. This city is a major junction move through Mexico, as well as a transit point to the neighboring State of Guatemala. Many Israeli backpackers who come to town, stay than planned, due to the many attractions that make the city and because of the relaxed atmosphere.
Those in the know say that the city is one of the most unique cities in Mexico and Central America. It is located in the mountains, so the weather is cooler it contrary to many coastal towns in Mexico. Paved in marble and stone them particularly pleasant trip. Many natural sites operate in the city and its environs - waterfalls, nature reserve and countless hiking the jungles, which as noted above makes it more travelers to stay.

Rabbi Oren Raz, Einat wife and seven children in almost six years Cristobal, after a prolonged search mission target. No, not one of the Jewish Agency, 'mission' of the Lubavitcher Rebbe - Rebbe sent hundreds of well known emissaries around the world to be a beacon of light, good deeds and Torah, for all the local Jews.

When they heard Pine and Einat the city, Cristobal, Mexico and decided that it was intended mission designed for them. They wrote to the Rebbe through the sacred bond [writing to the Rebbe through the sacred bond is how Jews treat many followers from all walks of write to the Rebbe and receive his advice and blessing to all areas of life, since the Rebbe's hiding from us. After writing the letter, put it into one of the volumes of the Rebbe's holy fees and overlapping pages of the letter is usually the problem borrower reference braiding and guidance on how to behave.] And received the blessing of holiness. "When we heard initially on Central America, tended to refuse. I suffered from the heat, and all the tourist sites visited by Israelis, are coastal cities. Here's Divine Providence, we heard about a city of extraordinary lies between the mountains and the jungle, a place with fresh air and pleasant, and we decided find out about so deeply.
"Towards the exit we wrote again to the Rebbe, and was answered clearly where the country 'Mexico'. In it welcomed the Rebbe the author, succeed in its activities with young people and Exalted on self-referrals has. In light of this response faded our doubts, and we got on the plane on the way to make another point on the globe King of the messiah revelation of the Rebbe.

Today Chabad House operates fluently, and visited dozens of missiles every day, issued a warm place to rest, eat kosher, read a book, or just be together.

"Israel-loving prophet of the Redeemer".